Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jeff Evans At Fast Track

Tuesday evening was the opening night for Fast Track, a trade show for Martinsville and Henry County businesses to show off their goods and services. There was a great variety of participants, ranging from Martinsville Speedway to Berry-Elliott Realtors to CPFilms to various nonprofit organizations such as The United Way of Henry County-Martinsville. Sponsored annually by the Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce, attendance this year was good, despite the recent announcements by Bassett Furniture, Dutailier, and Georgia Pacific resulting in the loss of 385 more jobs from Henry County.

As usual, wherever two or three are gathered together, there Jeff will be in their midst.

Jeff's primary platform is his accessibility. Unlike the current occupant of the 20th Senate District seat, Jeff is determined to be available to the communities that he intends to represent. As a current member of the Board of Supervisors in Carroll County, Jeff Evans has learned that our incumbent Senator only shows up in public here in the 20th District every 4 years or so, and then only at carefully chosen events.

A retired State Trooper, Jeff has vowed to continue to be accessible to the many small businesses and their employees year-round. Living in Woodlawn, almost the geographical center of the 20th Senate District, Jeff will be uniquely positioned to be "on call" to all of his constituents.

I'll have more on the rest of the Evans for Senate platform in later posts, and his new website will be online in a few days. Watch this blog for the announcement.

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