Thursday, March 29, 2007

Carnival Time Again

Just a quick reminder that I'm hosting the Virginia Blog Carnival this week.

This may be a good time to dispel some erroneous thoughts that seem to be running around the Virginia Blog Community.

First, the Virginia Blog Carnival is not affiliated with the Old Dominion Blog Alliance in any way. A lot of ODBA members are frequent contributors, but that is the extent of the association.

You do NOT need to be invited to submit an article for the carnival. Just pick your favorite piece each week and send it in. It does not have to be political, but it certainly can be. Participating bloggers should be from Virgina, or a Virginia expatriate, or writing about the vacation they just enjoyed in Virginia, or.. Well, you get the idea. Just make sure there is a Virginia connection somewhere.

You do NOT need to be invited to host. Just send an email via the link on the Carnival website and let us know when you would like to host. We'll take it from there. During the week prior to the weekend you are scheduled to host the Carnival e-mail will be auto-forwarded to your email address so all entries will come directly to you. Typically the deadline for submitting Carnival entries is Sunday evening at 6:00pm. Sometimes the host chooses to extend that deadline.

Sometimes the host will decide he or she wants to do a themed Carnival. If that is the case, the host may choose any theme he or she desires and will post a notice sometime during the run-up week informing all of the theme. You may choose to conform to the theme, but you are not required to do so.

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