Tuesday, March 06, 2007

NASCAR Has A Silly Season... I Never Thought Blog Carnivals Did...

Until now. Silly season indeed, wherever Jerel C. ("J.C.") Wilmore now lives.

September 07, 2005 was the very first Virginia Blog Carnival, hosted by Chad Dotson. Sorry, but it is no longer available online. The next host was Brian Patton, followed by Norm Leahy, Kenton Ngo and Ben Tribbett.

Democrats at least started out fully supporting the Carnival, but somewhere along the line they simply stopped contributing or offering to host. The most recent liberal host was Monstrosity, (which is now defunct) in October of 2006. Prior to that you have to go all the way back to May 22, 2006 to find Virginia Progressive as host.

Along the way, most hosts would add "host's choice" entries from across the political spectrum in order to round out their carnival, but the Democrats for the most part simply stopped contributing. The Richmond Democrat has decided that he is unhappy with the lack of liberal participation. F.T. Rea, in his typical half-cocked fashion, has decided that the carnival has been hijacked by the vast right-wing conspiracy. Thomas Krehbiel has decided it's just too much work to be bothered with, which is at least an honest assessment.

But now we have threats of a lawsuit. Blogger v. blogger. We have a Democrat starting what he calls a "competing" carnival.

Ironically, this Democrat claims to have offered to host a carnival in April of 2006, but the honor somehow went to Norman instead. Interestingly, he has two posts published in succession asking for contributions on April 23 and 24, 2006. But there was no carnival on The Richmond Democrat blog anytime during that week, although there was one on One Man's Trash on April 23. I find it very interesting that no one caught such a glaring discrepancy. There was not even any mention of it on The Richmond Democrat.

Just as ironically, the only carnival that I can find in which Mr. Wilmore did participate was one I hosted on March 6, 2006. Wonder what got into him that week?

Now, just how important is any of this? Pfft, not very. Certainly not important enough for Mr. Wilmore to demand that a sitting judge be bothered with verifying certain details of his story. Hardly worth this post, except I thought it may be fun to include in Mr. Wilmore's new carnival.

The only part of this saga that is important is that we have a blogger, formerly from Richmond and allegedly an attorney, putting forth the rather extreme effort required to determine Kilo's full name and contact information. And then somewhat heatedly threatening a lawsuit if a very benign post is not retracted.

On second thought, that's just silly too.

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