Monday, May 21, 2007

2007, A Successful Year For Roscoe

I've been watching Roscoe on local television (such as it is) and reading his remarks in the Martinsville paper. I’ve also listened to a couple of recordings of Senator Reynolds’ campaign kickoff speeches.

It seems there are three items from the most recent General Assembly that Roscoe is most proud of.

  1. First, Roscoe is most proud of his centerpiece legislation that would have made the raising or keeping of certain strains of poultry a felony.
  2. Second, he and Ward worked together in an attempt to make Patrick County’s Covered Bridge Festival the “Official State Festival”.
  3. And third, Roscoe is extremely proud of his vote on the bill to bring SCC regulation back to the generation, distribution, and pricing of electrical energy.

What he doesn’t say on television or in the papers is that two of those three failed to pass, and the one that did, he and one other Senator voted against it.

The Virginia Division of Legislative Automated Systems operates a website that is a treasure trove of information on the legislative process. It’s a bit cumbersome to use until you get used to it, but I love it.

From that website you can find the status of any bill introduced during any legislative session since 1994.

I’ve been poking around on the LIS site for a while now and I can tell you that Roscoe has reason to be proud of his performance this past session. It’s about his most successful yet.

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