Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Google Alerts Are A Great Tool

Google offers some great tools to all users of the internet, but especially to bloggers. One of my favorites is "Google Alert". There you can enter a simple phrase or name and from that time onward any time your search phrase appears anywhere on the internet you get a little email alerting you to the fact. I have several of these "Google Alerts" set up and have come to rely on them quite a bit.

Today, one of my Google Alerts directed me to a post by Riley at Virginia Virtucon. It seems Riley has discovered that badrose and I have a new blogger in the neighborhood. Vanity Fair is apparently an employee of one of the local governments in my area and she is as determined to bring Roscoe Reynolds home as I am. She has several great posts up, including one that compares Reynolds' campaign contributions by source. Would you believe that Roscoe has never received more than 18% of his financial support from his constituents? I knew he was supported primarily by outside special interests, but Ms. Fair puts it on the page with impact. She even links to a post by somebody named "Mr. Foley", what's up with that?

Welcome to the Virginia Blog Community Vanity. May you blog long and prosper, just don't ever call me "Mr. Foley" again. Alton will do just fine, thank you. If that still doesn't feel right, I'm sure badrose will share with you some of the names she uses for me (most of them mumbled just out of hearing range).

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