Thursday, May 10, 2007

Letter From A George Mason University Senior

What is going on at GMU?

Howdy all,

I'm a GMU student for the past 4 years, and there's definitely a slow
progress towards the campus being Muslim. First, they installed foot
washing basins in ALL of the bathrooms of the central Student building.
The "ecumenical" prayer areas were slowly taken over by Muslims, and
any students not conforming to Muslim beliefs (i.e., no shoes, no women)
were removed from the PUBLIC area. Then, the campus went through the
effort of getting Halal food served... and are repeating the effort again
at my expense, considering the last vendor couldn't be bothered to be
ISLAMIC enough to be "Kosher..." or meet the health code requirements.

There was a brief dustup recently when "TOLERANT" idiots did their best
to NOT TOLERATE any dissenting views, interrupting a speaker invited by
the College Republicans to speak on campus. Repercussions for their
actions? None in the least!

NOW, the ISLAMOFASCISTS want THEIR "public" prayer area expanded to take
up most of the third floor (my favorite haunt!), taking away room from
the public STUDY area.

Is this a school? Or is it an Islamic Outreach?

With some of the idiots working there, maybe it IS better as the latter,
but sheesh... Enough's enough!

Any of y'all have any thoughts on this? It's really getting beyond
ridiculous at this point, and I'm SICK of having to PUT UP WITH IT.

I've got the background and linkage over at my site if you're interested.
Thanks to Charles for bringing this to my attention!

Brian Ledbetter
snapped shot
Senior, George Mason University

Thanks to JAB

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