Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Andrew Clem = Chutzpah Squared

The most famous definition of "chutzpah" is, of course: chutzpah is when a man kills both his parents and begs the court for mercy because he's an orphan.

I think Andrew Clem has just topped that one. In his most recent post Mr. Clem claims that, "At last count, there were fifteen blogs signed up on Bloggers for Sayre, but most of their identities are either anonymous or dubious". But he doesn't tell you the whole story. Just over a month ago he clamored to join the group that he has now described as "dubious".

Of the 15 contributors to Bloggers 4 Sayre nine were members of the Old Dominion Blog Alliance at the time Mr. Clem requested membership. (Nine would be "most" in a group of 15, right, Clem?) Those nine are still members of the ODBA. Of the nine ODBA members, seven use the same name on their blog that they are known by in public life, or their legal name is featured somewhere on their front page. Of the 15, four are known by Clem through the SWAC area Republican Party. He knows their blog persona, whether their legal name is posted on the blog or not. In total 11 contributors at Bloggers4Sayer are known by name, if not on sight, to Mr. Clem. I can't say with certainty that he knows who F.A.C.T. Report, Rightside VA, Yankee Phillip, or (get this) Jim Hoeft is. But he most certainly is familiar with "most" of the bloggers4Sayer group.

Could this be simply sour grapes stemming from a non-favorable vote on his acceptance into the ODBA? It sure seems like it, since we were obviously not too "dubious" for his taste just a little more than a month ago.

Oh, I just noticed, I used the title Mr. Clem in the previous paragraph. I'm so sorry. As he so pointedly mentioned to Kilo in an e-mail dated 3-19-2007 "P.S. Actually, it is "Dr. Clem." (Of course, I've never seen any documentation of that "dubious" claim.)

Damn! Whether it's a liberal like Waldo or Lowell, or a self-proclaimed Conservative like Mr. Clem (I said I didn't see the documentation), I will not tolerate hypocrisy.

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JohnMaxfield said...

I might be wrong...but I went over to Mr. Clem's site and guess what...apparently from what I saw (or lack of sight actually) he had removed the comments from you and Stacey Morris. Funny, because I thought he was like a 'purist' who kept all comments up unless they were profanity laced. But I guess since they were AGAINST him...

You might want to double check me...I was using a different browser than usual, but as of 5.2.07 at 6.44pm EST, they ain't there...