Thursday, May 03, 2007

Comments Fixed

For some time now I've had a small problem with Internet Explorer and my Haloscan comments. It seems that users of Mr. Gates' browser would be directed to blogger comments instead of Haloscan. It's been completely transparent to most, since I just copy and paste the errant comments into Haloscan.

I didn't want to give up Haloscan since it is so good at blocking spam. In the almost two years I've been using it I can count on one hand the number of spam comments that have made it through.

Today I found time to dig into my Blogger code and search for the offending line that was causing the problem. I was successful. Actually it wasn't a complete line in the code, just one innocuous statement. Clip, it's gone, and Internet Explorer now works with my comments.

Now Ron, Leslie, Chris, and many others can comment to their hearts content, including this evening when I live blog the Reagan Derby.

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