Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Less Than 24 Hours Later...

Hey guys, at least let him reach room temperature before you start trashing him. He does have a family, and Lynchburg is right next door to Roanoke.
The Rev. Jerry Falwell met with his maker Tuesday. We hope he was embraced by a loving, forgiving God. Falwell did enough judging for any one man here on Earth during his 73 years.

...He then parlayed his popularity into trying to run the nation. He founded the Moral Majority, which claims among its credits the presidency of Ronald Reagan, the Republican takeover of Congress and the religious right's takeover of the Republican Party.

It was Falwell's interjection of religion into government and his insistence that those who did not subscribe to his fundamentalist beliefs were against God and country that were so offensive.
I suppose the final sentence in this editorial is supposed to negate all the judgment-ing you guys just got through doing?
Falwell was as fallible as any man, capable of doing both good and harm. It is not for us to stand in judgment of which, if either, prevailed.
I can only think of two explanations for today's awful (even by the low standards normally set on Campbell Ave.) editorials.

Either Tommy Denton had the Falwell piece written years ago in preparation for the Reverend's eventual demise, or Dan called in sick today and left that idiot Trejbal in charge.

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