Friday, September 16, 2005

Be vewy vewy quiet....I'm hunting wabbits.....

Bill Cochran's Field Reports - Comments on crossbows
From all the quail calls I have been hearing you’d think the good old days have returned. That’s not the case, but on the positive side I’m hearing more birds than anytime the past two years. The question: Will any of them be around when the hunting season begins?

This seems to be some great news for us "shooters of tweety birds".
I am guessing that turkey and grouse have had favorable nesting conditions. There has been an absence of long, cold rains. In fact, we are several inches below normal rainfall.

I have been seeing good numbers of doves and an occasional woodcock. Deer are moving into the meadows in impressive numbers.

I can vouch for the deer sightings, here in western southside/eastern blue ridge, we are "infested" with deer. I hope Bill is correct regarding turkey. I haven't been able to spend much time in the field, so I can't report personally on turkey.

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