Monday, September 19, 2005

Notes On The Latest Rasmusen Poll

While the latest Rasmussen Poll shows a dead heat in the Kilgore - Kaine contest. there are some interesting tidbits a little deeper into the Poll.
Fifty-nine percent (59%) say that voter approval should be required for "all tax increases in the state of Virginia." Thirty-five percent (35%) disagree.

Just 18% of voters believe that taxpayer dollars should be used to fund day laborer shelters that can be used by both legal immigrants and illegal aliens to assemble and find work. Seventy-one percent (71%) of voters oppose the funding of such shelters.
Tim Kaine has called Kilgore "Mean spirted" for opposing day labor sites because they are used (not exclusivly, of course) by illegal immigrants. Although, to be fair, Kaine has since said he opposes day labor centers as well, or did he? No, wait, I remember now. He said business needs illegal labor, therefore he opposes opposition to day labor centers. Oh, anyway, I'm sure he opposes something illegal regarding immigration, I just haven't been able to figure out what yet.

Also according to Rasmussen;
By an 88% to 8% margin, Virginia voters also say that illegal aliens should not be allowed to receive government benefits such as Medicaid.
Tim Kaine opposes the death penalty, but insists he will sign the paperwork. Jerry Kilgore does not oppose the death penalty.

According to Rasmussen;
Sixty-eight percent (68%) favor the death penalty for persons convicted of murder. Twenty-two percent (22%) are opposed.
While the Polls are close as they concern the two candidates,they also show some extremely wide differences of oppinion on numerous other issues. The issues I highlighted are not the only ones that are reflected in this Poll. There are some that show Kaine with certain advantages. I chose the ones I did because, here in the Southwest/Western Southside area, I believe they resonate more with the average "non political junkie" voter.

The major reason the candidates appear so close is that most voters are simply not "tuned in" yet to the Governors Race. There have been many huge distractions this summer. The campaign traditionally begins in earnest on Labor Day which was only a little over three weeks ago. And each campaign is just now beginning to ramp up statewide TV advertisements.
I believe that once these ads start playing statewide,(and if Rita gathering off the coast of Florida doesn't create another "storm" of distractions to Virginia voters) and people begin to see the truly different stances taken by the two candidates that the Poll numbers will reflect it.

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