Sunday, September 18, 2005

I've Been Reflecting .......

A few days ago Chad posted this asking why George Bush is so hated by the left.
The #5 comment by Hillbilly Pundit was pretty much right on target. But it caused me to further reflect on that.

I think I may have it.

It’s simple, Chad. They are Joe Starrett. They feel themselves to be weak, and ineffective, while Shane moves with confident, deliberate grace under pressure.

Remember Joe? He grew to loathe Shane for the inherent goodness he possessed. Even though Shane was selflessly working to restore order in Joe’s world. To put it simply, Joe hated Shane for exposing Joe’s own weakness. Shane never worried about his popularity. He never consulted a Poll. He just did what had to be done.

Now, in their defense, it would be hard not to be Joe. Any man who watches another man protect his family, while he stands by helpless will go through two emotions. First he would be grateful that his family is safe. Next, he begins to reflect on his own helplessness and grows to hate not only the helplessness but also the thing that exposed that weakness to him.

Those in the Democratic Party that feel themselves to be the weakest or most helpless are his shrillest critics. They know that a good idea has not come from their ranks in 25 years, and with no power left to them except that of shrill criticism, they use the only tool they have.

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