Thursday, September 15, 2005 - The Truth About Tim Kaine

CommCon today points us to the title's link. While there I checked to see what information this site had on the gun control situation, specifically the NRA. - The Truth About Tim Kaine
Anyone who has been here before knows one of my "most favorite things" is, shall we say, "ridiculing" The Roanoke Times. (Hey, I live in Collinsville, and work in Stuart, what the heck else is there to do? Well, OK, I can also ridicule Ward Armstrong, but some things are just too easy.)
On August 27, 2005 "that paper" published an account of the debut of "Sportsmen for Kaine" with this story.
Surprisingly, only three paragraphs into the story we are treated to remarks by Kilgore spokesman Tucker Martin.
However, we soon come to the paper's reporting of Kaine's response to the NRA "F" rating. (Emphasis mine)
Kaine fired back Friday, saying that the NRA is partisan and hasn't taken a hard look at detailed specifics of his gun record.
Surely the reporter, or at least the editor who approved the copy, is aware that among the politicians in Virginia who have recieved an "A" rating from the NRA are prominent Democrats such as Rick Boucher, Ward Armstrong, Roscoe Reynolds, Virgil Goode (before his excommunication). I may be mistaken, but I believe even "uber liberal" Barney Day was approved. I'm sure there are many others. But those are just my local guys. Of course this statement was allowed to stand unchallenged in the reporter's story. How many true sportsmen, who are not politically inclined, are unaware of this and will simply accept the story's implication that the NRA is a "politically biased" organization. Apparently the Roanoke Times believes it, and Tim Kaine desperately hopes others will believe it as well.

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