Saturday, September 17, 2005

Comment on Chad's Post

Comm Con has this;
Mash your mouse here
Regarding hypocricy found on these sites, Raising Kaine And Waldo
A quick Google search turns up this;
Donor Profile: Money Out

It would seem that the Kaine supporters would know how to use Google, but apparently either they don't.....Or, could it just be that they don't expect the voting populace to know how to use Google.

My question is, which is worse?

Waldo has posted an update that reflects Kaine's acceptance of Smithfield donations. he recently requested that I acknowledge the same here. I did. Now, I have to comment.

I'm sorry Waldo, but if that's the case, why did it take a connection to the Kilgore campaign to draw out a post from you regarding Smithfield?
We all know by now that the Kaine contribution occured last year. You have had a lot of time to link it to oppression of the underpriveledged class. Why did you wait 'til now to attempt to distance your guy from it?

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