Monday, September 19, 2005

Just notes....

From the Carnival, I discovered Jerry, way up on Big Walker Mountain. His blog is From On High. An appropriate title I suppose. While there I spent quite a bit of time reading some of his other posts. I like this guy.

His post today is about being an early riser, as Norm described him in the Carnival. He has developed a morning regimen that works for him.

Unlike Jerry, I am most definately NOT a morning person. That's why I too get up at 4:00am. It gives me an hour or sometimes two to read, sip coffee out on the deck, and just slowly eeaaassse my way into the day.

He and Kilo make me miss the coalfields.

Even though I am a native of Henry County, I spent quite some time working in Kimper, KY while living in Hurley, VA. (No, I didn't get a coon dog..... But I have to admit to voting for one who did.)

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