Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why I love to hate the Roanoke Times.

Some may be wondering why I bother to read the Roanoke Times if it gives me such angst. For recent examples click here or here.
That would be a very good question, to which I have several answers.
My choices "off the rack" are pretty limited. I live in Collinsville, (Not Charlottesville, not Centreville, but Collinsville. Very near Martinsville, not very near Bristol, or Williamsburg, but on the same road.) and work in Stuart (not very near anywhere but Floyd).
Those choices are:
The Martinsville Bulletin
The Greensboro News & Record
The Winston Salem Journal
The Enterprise
USA Today (But why even bother with a link?)

I thoroughly enjoy the Winston Salem Journal and highly recommend it for it's NASCAR coverage, but it is woefully inadequate in it's coverage of Virginia politics. The Greensboro News & Record has two (really, it does!) excellent crosswords each day, but it's also extremely inadequate in it's coverage of Virginia politics. The Enterprise, (a great little paper) is weekly. I am a slow reader, but not quite that slow.

But, finally, the three primary reasons I read the Roanoke Times are...(drum roll)
  • The Valero Fast Mart where I get my first cup of coffee has recieved it's delivery of Roanoke Times by 5:30.
  • It has not recieved any of the others.
  • And, most importantly, I have to have a paper to disguise the fact that what TRULY has my attention at 6:00am is the butt on the waitress at Kaye's Kitchen in Patrick Springs!

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