Saturday, September 17, 2005

New ads to debut from Potts & Kaine

Today in the Times-Dispatch is this from Tyler Whitley & Jeff Schapiro
Everything but kitchen sink
Potts gets creative?
The commercial includes a cameo appearance by his wife, Emily, who is seen -- beaming -- along with a teacher and her students, all clanging on pots and shouting the ad's eponymous refrain.

The commercial closes with Potts, in shirtsleeves, addressing a rally in Winchester. He booms that his "vision for Virginia" includes making "education and transportation our top priority."

Potts then implores the sign-waving and pot-banging crowd, "This is Virginia. Let's make'em hear us."

While Kaine goes negative....
The spot makes its point with a sharp object: A large knife that is used to slice a brightly decorated cake that features a likeness of a little red schoolhouse and the words "Virginia Schools."

"Any way you slice it, Jerry Kilgore will cut education," a female announcer concludes.

A spokesman for Kilgore called the Kaine commercial "a blatant falsehood." The Kaine campaign stood behind it.

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