Monday, December 12, 2005

Arnold Makes The Right Decision, But Will Pay For It

I have to admit I was somewhat surprised to hear this news tonight as I drove home from Patrick County. I fully expected Governor Schwarzenegger to grant clemency. Not in an attempt to placate the left wing. Not because it was morally correct. Instead as a means of avoiding the riots that will almost certainly spring up in certain areas of California within the next 48 hours.

There are numerous folks in various areas of L.A. and elsewhere in California that will use this as an excuse to riot, loot, and perform general mayhem.

Hey, all future rappers and NBA stars have a burning need for plasma TVs, BFRs, and flashy bling-bling. Tookie's "murder" provides the perfect justification for taking those items from their neighbors. It will somehow provide "justice". (No Justice, No Peace...)

I remember the Watts riots in the mid 60's. When asked on national TV why she was taking television sets from a local store, a young mother's response was "'Cause my babies needs milk..." That response has stuck hard in my memory. I was only in fifth grade or so then and saw the complete idiocy of her response. Tomorrow's responses, should they be forthcoming, will be no more enlightening.

Arnold's decision was most certainly the right one, but one he will pay heavily for as the previously mentioned riots take form and he begins to be the "One Responsible For It All". We do still remember how G.H.W.Bush was somehow responsible for the riots that occurred after the Rodney King affair, don't we?

It appears I have inadvertently offended some. I have a tendency to write, and speak, in a "descriptive" manner. Upon reflection I can see where I did not make clear the meaning of my use of the phrase "future rappers and NBA stars". My reference above was intended as an indictment of a culture, NOT a race. My apologies to anyone who inferred differently.

Also, it appears I missed in my prediction of unrest in California. For this I am very thankful.

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