Tuesday, December 06, 2005

One Step Closer...

A few days ago Kilo turned me on the fact that there is now an alternative to blogger for cheapskates like me.

Last evening I finally had a little free time to compose a piece that I'm sure would have provided you, dear reader (or readers, as I suppose there may be more than one), with an evening of literary delight. But. I pressed the orange "Publish Post" button and nothing happened. Well, that's not entirely correct. The annoying little page popped up that said "Files Published... 0%". Over and over, it kept refreshing itself, as it tends to do as each percentage is added to the total. Except it never added any percentage. After watching it sit there at 0% for quite some time, I decided to press the back button and try again.


I lost that literary gem, and then to add insult on top of the frustration, I was unable to even access my own blog. I kept getting a "Sorry, you do not have permission to access..." Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Back to my original thought. I'll be looking seriously into Wordpress, and will even investigate commercial hosting. I realize I may have to pry open my wallet, but for you, gentle readers, I will make that sacrifice.

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