Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Two Virginia Honors In One Week.

Apparently I need to get busy and post less often more often. Or should that be...

Never mind, it made sense when I first thought it. Let me clarify. My regular readers know that I have been somewhat "less prolific" lately, and they know why. Now, in this almost dormant phase, I suddenly find myself listed on Ben and Company's NLS site as a Virginia "Silver Blog". I really appreciate the honor guys.

Also, today I find that I also appear on Blue's "Daily Dozen". All I can say is I appreciate the appreciation. I now know how Chad must feel, since I've only been at this since September 11, 2005. This recognition by established Virginia bloggers is quite an honor.

That and the fact that, at least on Blue Dog, I outrank Michelle Malkin! Whoo, Hoo!!! (But I assure you, I ain't got the legs she's got.)

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