Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Old Dominion Blog Alliance

I've been meaning for quite some time now to ask Chad or someone about the Old Dominion Blog Alliance and how one would go about joining. I mention Chad here simply because he is the "de facto" leader of Virginia blogs, and if anyone would know the particulars of this subject it would be he. It just never occurred to me at any time while actually posting. Tonight I find this post at Kilo's Spark It Up!!! blog.

I currently link to most, if not all, members. I must admit though, Brandon Myers is not on my "daily reads" list, (that would be the Virginia Blogs list on the left sidebar, among others) so I missed his recent passing from the scene.

Although I am not a member of the ODBA, but would like to be, I concur with Carl. An alliance is just that, an alliance. As such each should adhere to the ideals of the whole. Not carbon copies of course, but at least not be so far afield as to become a smut peddlar such as criesinthenight has suddenly become. Again, criesinthenight not being amongst my daily reads, I missed this turn which apparently occurred sometime this month.

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