Thursday, December 29, 2005

Growing Exponentially

The ODBA (Old Dominion Blog Alliance) is growing like a deer's antlers. To those of you who are not familiar with that analogy, it means fast!

Let's welcome our newest member Brown Hound. I tried to find a link to the hound's profile, but was unsuccessful. If you know who this is, (information need not be too specific, just a location and gender would suffice) or if the hound himself (herself?) reads this and would care to provide a little more information, I would be appreciative. (An E-mail link can be found in the sidebar.)

OK, it was late (at least in my world 9:00pm is late) last night when I posted this. Upon revisiting this blog I see that the hound is "John" and he is a father. That answers the gender question. I also learned that he is a duck hunter, and that is a good thing. Hunters here in SWVA don't get a lot of shots at ducks so I'm going to assume he is located somewhat further east.

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