Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Little Mental Exercise

OK, I know you're intelligent. If you're a returning visitor to this site, you simply must be. I'm going to challenge your intellegence in this post, but not in any mentally superior way. I would never deign to be mentally superior to you, my dear reader.

I want you to imagine nothing
. That's right, consider a complete vacuum. You do not exist. Your neighbors do not exist. Even the Earth and all it's animate inhabitants do not exist. No stars, no moon, no sun.

This exercise is getting difficult, is it not? I contend it is impossible for the human mind to imagine a complete "nothingness". Yet that is the question we are faced with regardless of whether we choose to believe in "Darwinism" or "Intelligent Design".

Let's suppose for a moment that you choose to believe in the Darwinian theory of evolution. Extremely simple life forms developed over time into more complex life forms that eventually inhabited the planet we call home.

But remember, we started with a vacuum. Nothing. Nada, zip, zero. Where did the "something" that eventually became "something else" come from?

I don't really care which side you decide to begin from, the "rabbit from a hat" magical phenomena has to occur somewhere within the theory.

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