Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Addendum To Earlier Post

After reading Jerry's reaction, and re-reading this post, I feel that some clarification is in order.

When I was traveling like Jerry does now I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 days a year in a hotel room. I typically chose the best accomidations available, but after some time even the best hotel room is still a somewhat restrictive cell. You learn early that all the people are downstairs in "the bar". Since everyone else in "the bar" is drinking, you feel obligated to join them. Consequently, during that time in my life I drank way too much. I remember (vaguely) several occasions when I would wake up in the local Denny's, finish my breakfast, and go to the jobsite for a new day's work.

Today, I leave here (Collinsville) at 5:30am, get gas, coffee, and The Roanoke Times at the Valero station here, and drive to Patrick Springs and Kaye's Kitchen. After a breakfast of eggs and grits (sometimes 'taters instead), (and views of that semi-famous butt) I arrive at at work sometime before 7:00am. I leave there around 5:30pm, stop again at Kaye's Kitchen (and an entirely different, but equally delightful, butt) before arriving back at home around 7:00pm. I now limit myself to one, sometimes two, short glasses of the aforementioned Bushmills before an early bedtime.

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