Monday, February 27, 2006

The Carnival Is Open

This week's edition of The Virginia Blog Carnival is open at NOVA Democrat. I've just browsed thorugh it, without having time right now to check out all the links. It looks like a good one though, with several contributors I'n not seen before. Check it out, I will be soon.

I finally got a chance to sample the wares at this week's Carnival. NOVA Democrat has put together a good selection of posts from around Virginia, but I have to agree with Kilo, J.Sarge, and Doug. The Carnival as envisioned by it's founder(s) Chad and Waldo was a primarily non-political thing. Until recently any politics found posted to the Carnival was typically something light, or informative. Certainly not partisan.

While NOVA Democrat offered no partisan editorializing in presenting the lead-ins to the posts, and there was no favoritism shown in listing order either, the gratuitious reference to the 2005 election was uncalled for. Also, there are several submissions by bloggers that have never contributed before. As I've stated before, the weekly host should be allowed the priveledge of including non-solicited posts, I feel strongly that "host's privelege" should not be placed in the carnival on a purely partisan basis, as I suspect some were today.

I will continue my permanent link near the top of my left sidebar, and will continue to submit articles from time to time, but I implore my fellow Virginia Bloggers to attempt to get this thing back on track. Let's highlight Virginia, Virginia History, and Virginia's peoples. Not play out partisan politics on a weekly display before our fellow bloggers.

From comments...
I can read a lot of the same stuff in the WaPo on any given day. Some of those folks are pretty bitter. That was my first and last trip to the carnival.
Tugboat Phil | 02.27.06 - 8:51 pm | #
I rest my case...

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