Sunday, February 26, 2006

Virginia Landmark Contest VII

Last week's location was somewhat obscure. It took until mid day Saturday before Floyd County reader Tugboat Phil identified the old Alum Ridge School.

This week's landmark is probably seen by more people in a day than the old school in a week. It's an interesting stone masonry building, apparently originally a bank.

There is a somewhat personal connection to this building, or at least the general location of it. In the Spring of 1977 major flooding hit the headwaters of the Kanawha, Guyandotte, and Big Sandy rivers in southern WV, eastern KY, and the Buchanan County area of VA. One of my Dad's younger brothers, Kermit R. Foley, was a mobile home dealer in Henry County at that time. The Federal Government, pre-FEMA, bought mobile homes from him and other dealers in non-flood affected areas of the State to serve as temporary (and in some cases, permanent) replacement housing.

Obviously this deal required Kermit to travel quite frequently from Henry County to Grundy in order to supervise the delivery and set-up of this temporary housing. Late one evening, on his return trip to Collinsville, Kermit encountered a drunk driver just a few yards down the road from this building. Hit head on, my uncle died there that night, within sight of this week's Landmark.

Where was Kermit Ross Foley on the evening of his death at the hands of a drunk driver?

This week it took Al, the scourge of Wal-Mart pedestrians, less than 4 hours to come through with the answer;
My, my, my, you were in my neck of the woods. This happens to be a building across from the Giles county courthouse in Pearisburg.

I too, believe it was a bank. It has also been a resturant. The road signs are for 460 Business (thru "downtown" Pearisburg and 100 South to Dublin.
Congratulations Al, you just won a years supply of trips to Chucky Cheese, but only if you go without a child. (And spend at least two hours in there.)

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