Friday, February 10, 2006

"Houston, We've Had A Problem"

Everyone knows the origin of the quote that leads this post. On Monday evening April 13, 1970, those words announced to NASA's Mission Control in Houston that a catastrophic problem had occurred on board the Odyssey. At approximately 267,000 miles into their journey, their method of transportation had failed them.

Yesterday, at approximately 267,000 miles into the life of my Blazer, it too failed me. After a sudden loss of oil pressure, the engine slowed noticeably and died right there. On the side of US 58. In Patrick Springs. Eastbound.

Unlike the Apollo Crew, I was not able to tap into an alternate source of energy and coast back home. When I got out of my vehicle after driving it the distance to the moon, I was not able to step out on the Lunar surface, but fortunately I was within walking distance of Kaye's Kitchen.

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