Wednesday, February 01, 2006


NOTE:While this was written last evening, due to an Adelphia glitch, I didn't get a chance to post until now.

Like J.R. I sat down this evening, poured myself as short glass, and settled in to read my daily dose of ODBA and other news/rumor sources. I now find myself tagged with the awesome responsibility of responding to J.R.'s challenge. The SOTU address has just begun, I have finished the list below, and I will now take my time writing the introduction to this piece.

I like the concept of this 'tagging" stuff. Personally, I have spent most of my time lately on efforts to get my plant up and running. I am appreciative of the opportunity to toss those worries aside and spend a few moments thinking only for myself. Thanks J.R. for giving me the excuse.

While writing the answers to this "informal poll" I realized just how little we ODBA members may truly know about our fellows. For that reason alone, what many may consider a 'trivial pusuit" such as this, I contend this has the potential to show our friends and readers just a little more of ourselves.

Now, on to the questions;

Four Jobs I've Had;
1)Swimming Pool Contractor, Bradenton, FL.
2)Field engineer, Eaton-Kenway, Salt Lake City, UT. Manufacturer of automated material handling systems.
3)Head of Engineering, Trey K Mining Electric, Kimper, KY. Manufacturer of power centers, belt starters, and other electrical mining equipment
4)My current job. Electrical/Controls Engineer for a small manufacturer in Stuart, VA.

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over (in no particular order);
1)Quigley Down Under. (Man, I want that rifle...)
2)The Bridge on The River Kwai. (Be happy in your work...)
3)Cool Hand Luke. (What we have heah, is a failaya to communicate...Get your mind right, Luke...)
4)Red Dawn. (Wolverines!!!...)

Four places I've lived;
1)Born in Ogden, UT. (Dad was in the Air Force, based at Hill AFB. I would have preferred Virginia, but I was not consulted.)
2)Raised in Bassett, VA. Home of big headboards.
3)Bradenton, FL. My second ex-wife and I called the southern Gulf Coast home for some time.
4)Hurley, VA. On the edge of the "Billion Dollar Coalfield" of Southern WV and Eastern KY. Most recently in the news due to the "Big Coon Dog" scandal.

Four TV shows I love. (Again, no particular order);
1)CSI. The Las Vegas one. Don't really like the others.
2)The Andy Griffith Show. Especially the episode about the pickles.
3)Any Bob Newhart Show. (Confession, I've always thought Suzanne Pleshette is a "hottie")
4)Fox News with Brit Hume.

Four places I've vacationed;
1)Daytona, FL.
2)Park City, UT.
3)Cancun, MX.
4)Monterey, CA

Four of my favorite dishes, (this time, in order. And there is reason behind the blogname. I do cook, and do it very well. A bachelor, I graduated long ago from Stouffer's and Denny's. Requests for recipes gladly accepted;
1)My Chili
2)My Wild Turkey Casserole
3)My Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese
4)My Parmesan Chicken Strips

Four sites I visit daily. (Again, no Particular order);
1)As many ODBA sites as possible, but never missing Kilo, Jerry, Chad, Hans, and J.R. & Squeaky.
2)Wall Street Journal, Best of the Web Today. (James Taranto is "Da Man"...)
3) A PLC related forum.
4) (especially, Mike Adams , Burt Prelutsky, and Anne Coulter.)

Four places I would rather be right now. Now this one is tough.;
1)On a tree stand, looking to shoot Bambi's big brother. (Or his mother, antlers aren't edible.)
2)In a field, behind a good German Shorthair, waiting for the flush.
3)speaking of a flush, at a poker table with good friends.
4)At Daytona, in the garage area of the Hendrick teams, ready to apply my electrical knowledge to a successful 2006 season.

Four bloggers I am tagging;
1)Hans (Even at his age, I doubt he would have a problem with the first segment)
2)Jerry (The sage of Bland)
3)That Cathouse Chic (ODBA's better half?)
4)Brian (The young barrister from Clintwood.)

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