Monday, February 13, 2006

More Products, More Projects

We're making boards at the plant in Stuart. The process is not perfect yet, but we're closing in on it. Presently, production is working one 12 hour shift. On 3 days, off 2, on 4 days, off 3, etc...

Those off days for production allow the electrical and mechanical guys to work on any "details" discovered during the production days.

Now, you know I will not be allowed to just sit back and watch the boards fly out of the plant. Nope, we will also produce mulch. And we must be producing mulch on March 1.

Not the mulch you have in the flowerbeds in your front yard. Instead, we will be producing the green dyed mulch that comprises the visible part of hydroseeding. You've seen the green stuff that VDOT sprays along side the road during new construction. The stuff that seemingly will grow grass on a rock. That is hydroseeding. It consists of a wood fiber mulch into which is mixed fertilizer and grass seed, and sometimes a glue or resin to help it adhere to the ground and prevent erosion.

Guess what. Wood fiber, mixed with a glue or resin is also what fiberboard is made of. Now we can greatly increase the output of one part of our plant, without the need for a corresponding increase in output at the other end. Unfortunately, mulch sales for this market is quite seasonal. But...

Next, we will work on the production of wood fuel pellets. Again, a mixture of wood fiber and resin or wax, that when extruded into a size and shape similar to rabbit food (an oxymoron, rabbits are food) makes an excellent fuel for highly efficient wood stoves. This market is also seasonal, but it's season is exactly opposite that of mulch.

Our founder, an entrepreneurial sort from Hickory, NC, definitely has his eye on the ball (and the bottom line). Who knows, in order to satisfy Rick Boucher, we may just start offering tourists a tour of the plant. Two bucks a head and all the wood dust you can breathe...

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