Saturday, February 04, 2006

My Hard Hat Repels Tigers.

It's true. There has never been a tiger sighting anywhere I've been while wearing my hard hat.

By using pretty much the same logic today's Roanoke Times attributes the lower incidence of meth lab busts almost exclusively to Mark Warner and his executive order mandating that all pseudoephedrine containing drugs be kept behind the counter
Then-Gov. Mark Warner issued the order in October. Since then, police have found just nine of the illegal labs, as opposed to 30 in the same period the year before.
The point I want to make here is that The Roanoke Times has decided that since there have been only 9 meth labs busted during the period in question, Mark Warner's executive order just has to be the cause. The fact that there were 30 busts previously could not be a factor. Apparently each area of the country must maintain a "meth lab balance".

The editors at The Roanoke Times are so enamoured of Mark Warner and his protege that they have decided that the GA simply must codify this "feel good" executive order. Establish a law that provides for over the counter cold remedies to be truly "over the counter". I agree such a policy might have an effect on meth production as described by the editorial. But to attribute the reduced meth lab busts of late largely to such a policy, and to state that it is obvious that the executive order had a "noticeable" effect is just as absurd as my tiger repellent hard hat.
Other factors play into the drop in lab busts. But the executive order has had a noticeable effect.
Yeah, and my hard hat has kept the Mayo River Valley in Patrick County tiger free for almost a year.

And in case you are wondering, the tear along the bill of my cap is the result of dropping it into a screw conveyor a couple of weeks ago, not a tiger attack. The sad part of that is that suppliers here on the morning side of the mountains cannot replace it. I'll have to wait until I can get to the other side.

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