Sunday, February 19, 2006

Virginia Landmark Contest VI

This week the Landmark Contest moves closer to my home.

Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, if this property was listed by a Real Estate Agency it would be called "Ready to Rehab" and "Fixer Upper", with "Much Potential". Don't go searching for your checkbook, though. As far as I know this historical building is not for sale.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, identify the building, it's previous purpose, and it's location.

The winning Crew Chief of today's Daytona 500 would recognize it immediately.

Go here...
or here

Both hints above were intended to lead you in the direction of Floyd County. I know from my stats that I have at least two somewhat regular readers from Floyd. One of you must recognize the site.

Tugboat Phil comes through with this answer, Alum Ridge School;
It's in Alum Ridge, [between Floyd and Christiansburg] Virginia, on the old Ezra Mitchell farm. I believe it's owned now by his son, Ray.

My step son works at Alum Ridge Auto Repair, just down the hill from it. His paternal grandmother went to school there in the mid to late 20s.
I knew this one would be somewhat obscure, but I wanted to highlight Darian Grubb's achievements last Sunday by using a Floyd County landmark.

Check in tomorrow for another edition of the Virginia Landmark Contest.

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