Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thoughts On The Smoking Ban

One of the more controversial bills introduced during this session of the Virginia General Assembly was this one. It would have banned smoking in almost all buildings open to the public in the Commonwealth. Several other states have passed similar legislation.

I posted earlier about my opposition to it. My opposition was based on Virginian's freedoms and the fact that there has never been a reliable study proving any harmful effects from so called "second hand" smoke.

I could spend pages explaining in scientific terms why the prevailing opinion of some politicians and environmentalists are flawed. But instead I will link you to some truly reliable information regarding the "science" of Epidemiology. I enclose the word science in quotes here because the disipline of Epidemiology can truly be a science or it can be perverted into mere propaganda. In the case of numerous recent health cares it has unfortunately been so perverted. The second hand smoke scare has been so perverted. Be aware, I know those that agree with me will follow the links and become even more convinced. Those that do not, will ignore the evidence and remain blissfully ignorant.

For the purposes of this missive I am eliminating any connection between second hand smoke and alergies, asthma, or other breathing difficulties. I am perfectly aware that cigarette smoke agrivates these conditions. I am also aware that certain perfumes, colognes, and air "fresheners" have similar effects.

My opposition to this bill has been, and will remain to be, based on the freedoms of Virginians to choose. The right of business owners to choose whether or not to establish their facility as smoke free, and the right of Virginia consumers to choose whether or not to patronize such establishments. (And before you jump in about employee's freedom to choose, it remains the same. No one is forced to work anywhere. McDonald's is smoke free, Applebee's is not. As a non smoking waitress would you make more money at Applebee's than McDonald's? Of course. But that is your choice to make.)

Below you will find links to two websites that will completely debunk any supposed "Epidemiological" links to second hand smoke health hazards. Some of you will go there and read, learn, and begin to understand. Some of you will not even bother to investigate. I know this, and am prepared for the inevitable comments from those so closed minded....
An online book by Steven J. Milloy, a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health with a degree in biostatistics.

David Hitt's ananlysis of "statistical research".

Reading both studies, one is drawn to the same conclusion about banning smoking in buildings open to the public that I recently made regarding my hard hat. Remember, there has never been a tiger attack anywhere near a site where I was wearing my hard hat, therefore, my hard hat repels tigers.

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