Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Allow Me To Present...

The newest members of the Old Dominion Blog Alliance.

If you will look at my left column you will see that the Old Dominion Blog Alliance has suddenly grown. By a lot. We are now at our highest membership level ever, and with the best right of center blogs in Virginia represented in the ODBA ranks.

Some of the new members I'm sure will be familiar to my readers, others I'm just as sure will be a delightful discovery. Go ahead now, explore the depths of the Old Dominion Blog Alliance.

To the old and new members I would like to say that I've been thinking about how best to exploit the powers of a well coordinated group. I'll be posting on that subject, as well as utilizing the group e-mail to expound on some of the ideas I've formulated. If any of you have ideas along those lines please use the ODBA group e-mail feature. If you are not signed up for it contact Kat at Cathouse Chat and she will soon be able to guide you in the steps required to do so.

I just fixed a couple of "errors and omissions", please reload your page.

Now, I challenge each of you to scour the Virginia Blog community (I hate the word blogosphere) and find one more conservative blog to recruit for our team. I have two that I am looking at now.

I've been doing this both from home and at work (ala Will Vehrs), consequently there may be someone else that I've overlooked. If we've shared e-mail messages lately concerning this and you are not listed on the ODBA blogroll and expected to be, please don't be bashful, contact me. My e-mail link is right over there ---> and up toward the top.

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