Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blogs United in Hampton Roads

After the Blogs United in Martinsville Conference in August Kilo, Brian and I discussed having it somewhere in the coalfields in 2007. We even considered Roanoke as being a suitable Southwestern Virgina location (even though it's really not SWVA, not in flavor anyway). But a few nights ago I got an e-mail from Jim at Bearing Drift. His e-mail raised an interesting question. A question that Badrose and I bounced off one another over the next few days.

The idea Jim put forward in that e-mail was to hold the Blogs United 2007 conference in the Hampton Roads area. Right in the middle of Virginia's 400th Anniversary.

Badrose and I both thought it was a good idea. But the 400th Anniversary thing is an international event, would it be feasible? A follow up e-mail to Jim expressing my concerns was answered with resounding assurances that affordable accommodations would be available, though he didn't mention details. He is also certain that meeting rooms, dining facilities, and other such items would not be a hindrance.

So, as much as I love SWVA and was looking forward to camping on Brian Patton's back porch, I am sure that we will all agree that the chance to be even a small part of the 400th Anniversary celebration in Hampton Roads is just too sweet an idea to pass up. Jim, I'll call you soon and we'll discuss how we can make this happen.

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