Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Virginia Blog Carnival Is Up At Cathouse Chat

For some time now I've not been very active in the Virginia Blog Community, but I'm back now and intend to carry my own weight for a while.

Kat, that wonderfully romantic lady in Pittsylvania County, is the host of this week's Virginia Blog Carnival. Go over and check it out. Many of us former Carnival regulars have been missing in action for quite some time, but Kat dug deep into her RSS reader and came up with a great Carnival, even if she did have to resort to the Draft. Let's see if we can all do better next week when Jason Kenny steps up as host. I promise to, you promise too, OK?

Now that I've been back online more I've noticed some Virginia Blogs that should be more widely recognized, such as Johnathan Maxfield's excellent Journal of the Common Man. John is an attorney somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley. I spent the before dawn hours this morning reading his entire archive and I find it to be refreshing. He'll find his way to my right side Virginia blogroll sometime today.

Another that deserves recognition is Dogwood Pundit. While not exactly new, I don't think I've properly welcomed Michael yet. So here is your welcome, Michael. I'm always excited when I see a new post from you reflected in the BNN Bulletin.

I can't leave out Rightside Virginia. Another not quite new blog, and again from the Shenandoah Valley, that deserves to be on my blog roll but isn't yet. I'll fix that later today, Steve.

Finally, I find that I've even managed to miss Conaway's return. Hmph, I knew that wouldn't last.

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