Monday, December 04, 2006

Bob McDonnell For Senate? Sounds Like A Great Idea To Me

One of my favorite things is this quilt, hanging proudly in my den, which was given to me by the attendees at the first annual Blogs United Conference. I point out to all who see it that it is signed by the next Governor of Virginia, I just don't know who yet. Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Leslie Byrne all signed the quilt, so I'm sure to have the next Governor's signature.

There is quite a bit of talk out in the Virginia Blog community that has caused me to wonder if the quilt has not only the next Governor's signature, but also the next Virginia Senator's as well.

There are many compelling arguments in favor of that happening, and I agree completely with most of them. I'm speaking of course, about the speculation (hopes? wishes?) that Bob McDonnell will run for a vacant John Warner seat in 2008.

Besides, it will also add just a little more panache to my already great quilt.

Check out the following sites for some interesting thoughts on the idea;

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