Monday, December 11, 2006

Search Me...

People who found this blog today searched on;
  • Safety Merry Christmas Bulletin (This one came via, Christmas must be dangerous under the Chavez regime)
  • Brad Coleman (there sure have been a lot of those lately)
  • virginia senator roscoe reynolds
  • christmas caption contest (??? Hey, I dunno.)
  • Jim Mcmillan henry county board of supervisors
  • jim webb quotes
  • invitation mery chrismas (This one came via, maybe that's how it's spelled in Romania)
  • Christmas themed restaraunts (No, I don't rent out spaces at my dining room table)
  • Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, but I don't think I'll miss this one this year (Really, three "Merry Christmas"es? That would make it pretty hard to miss, don't you think?)
  • Jacqui Newman (???)
  • whisk you a merry christmas (And I'll blend you a new year?)
  • tying a roast
  • learning how to shoot with a rifle (That's me, I can tie a roast and shoot it as well)
  • brown enterprise nova parts danville virginia (I don't know anything about Brown Enterprise. I do know where J&W Nova Parts is in Danville, but I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned them here. Well, before now, that is.)
  • Brad Coleman Religion (Maybe that explains all the "Brad Coleman" searches, he's formed his own sect?)
  • Brad Coleman Gibbs (Hmm, I knew Joe hired him, did he also adopt?)
  • jerry 1919 blogspot (???)
And finally we have today's Google search winner;
  • buffalo meat in hampton roads virginia
You should have asked while you were here, there's a buffalo farm just up the road, on the other side of Floyd.

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