Wednesday, December 06, 2006

She Made It!

After several rounds of testing, both physical and mental, a couple of interviews, and a firearms proficiency test my little girl is now a Pittsylvania County Sheriff's deputy.

I told you last week of her sense of trepidation at having to pass the firearms portion of the test. Hmph, she passed that with ease. Using a Smith & Wesson Model 5906 9mm, and firing 30 rounds (the final 6 being rapid fire), she had one round outside the scoring ring.

Proud? You better believe I am. Somewhat anxious? Yes, I am that too. I know that her first assignment will be in the jail. Tonya has worked previously as a nurse at Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute, working primarily with those awaiting testing prior to trial. The jail environment will not be very much different.

But, even though I will occasionally worry for her safety, I know this is something she has always wanted. I am happy that she has achieved her goal.

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