Friday, September 15, 2006

Allen's B-Team

You are all aware I'm sure of Allen's A-Team, located on these internets at

Someone at RK (sorry, no link available) recently posted the Raising Kaine Enemies List. If you look closely at the list you can see not much thought went into the compilation of their "enemy list". Nope, it was much easier to just cut and paste the entire ODBA blogroll. Now that's just lazy.

Granted, some of us on this list may actually deserve to be on an RK enemy list, several others on the list certainly do not, and there are many that were left out completely.

Now that you've met both the A-Team and the Enemies List, let me introduce you to George Allen's B-Team. Flora hosted the "unveiling", so to speak, of this lesser known group a few days ago.

We will be making our first public group appearance on Monday with the publication of the Weakly Webb Woundup, a carnival of posts from the members of the B-Team that have recently gotten the RK group wound-up. We are a rather undiscriminating lot, so if you would like to join the B-Team and have recently posted something that you feel should have earned you a spot on the Enemy List, just shoot me an e-mail with a link to what you think would get Webb and Lowell's children of a lesser god wound-up and I'll be glad to welcome you aboard.

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