Friday, September 22, 2006

Jim Webb's Dark Ride, Continued

Recently Flora McDonald produced a video that has stirred emotions all over Virginia. It certainly stirred mine, and I was proud to have given it it's debut showing here on I'm Not Emeril. There were some who had "issues" with the video, and some of those complaints could have been interpreted as valid. Flora has since made a final revision, and once again I'm proud to show it here. I think a perfect introduction for it comes from frequent comment poster JPTERP (I'm guessing, maybe there is a Maryland connection) who said on NLS;
I'm serious about this authorship issue. I'm not an expert in digital editing, but I doubt that lawyers and industry lobbyists without video production skills could have made that on their own.

An amateur could have done that sure, but it wasn't done with typical in the box production software.

Posted by: JPTERP | September 21, 2006 at 12:30 AM
You're right JPTERP, no lawyer or industry lobbyists could have made this video. Regardless of whether they used "in the box" or custom software.

But a mother could. A mother did.

Using freeware software, and a heart, and a love and admiration for her son's contribution toward Iraqi freedom. And an anger that Jim Webb is attempting to re-build a failed political future in the same manner that John Kerry built his 25 years ago. Watch this again and be moved.

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