Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Did Ken Shelton Channel Recent North Carolina News?

Was this the inspiration for Shelton's deer head story?

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In a previous post I referenced a charge by Dr. Ken Shelton, a former teammate of George Allen's while both played football at UVA. It seems Dr. Shelton has suddenly remembered an episode that occurred during a hunting trip with George Allen and Billy Lanahan, a wide receiver on the team who is now deceased.

That means the good Doctor now has no one except Allen himself to dispute the story.

Until now.

It seems there was a big story for a few days this past winter in eastern North Carolina about this very subject. Doctor Shelton has a clinic in Hendersonville, just west of Charlotte. He also is an anti-tobacco lobbyist who must obviously spend much time in Raleigh. This story got considerable airtime in the Raleigh market. I would imagine the good Doctor also has a beach house somewhere between Raleigh and Wilmington, this story also got plenty of airtime in the Wilmington area.

That leaves us with the 800 pound gorilla in the room asking, did Dr. Shelton take a local story, a hatred for "big tobacco", and a hatred for the Republican ideals of George Allen, and "interstate" it?

H/T to Captain's Quarters

I find it interesting that Dr. Shelton has let George Allen get elected numerous times before coming forth with this information. Information he has said he wants to get out because he can't in good conscious allow George Allen to remain in the Senate.

But, he waits until Billy Lanahan is deceased and no longer able to verify or deny his story. He embellishes his claims of racism with a deer head story eerily similar to an episode that occurred in his own state earlier this year. A google search for similar episodes turns up only one other, in Maine in 1976. (Thanks Jim, for the research.)

One other thing, Dr. Shelton claims that this event ocurred right after the movie "The Godfather", with it's infamous horse head scene, came out. That movie was released in March of 1972. Is the good doctor willing to admit that he was deer hunting more than 2 months out of season?

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