Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Muslims for America Endorses Senator George Allen

Thanks to Charles at Two Conservatives. His recent post looks into another endorsement for George Allen's senate bid.

Muslims For America Endorses Senator George Allen - The Senator Allen That We Know

This article by Muhammad Ali Hasan is quite telling;
As an American Muslim activist, I am growing upset over the accusations that Senator George Allen is facing. Granted, the use of the word 'macaca' was completely inappropriate, but I forgive Senator Allen for good reason. I have met Senator Allen personally, our organization has provided advice to his campaign, and I want to confirm it now and for all - Senator Allen is not racist; in fact, he is one of the Senate's most open-minded and unbigoted leaders. Senator Allen has maintained an excellent track record of confronting major issues within the War On Terror, without having to alienate Muslims in order to do it.

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