Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Weakly Webb Woundup, Brought To You By The B-Team

Welcome to the first Weakly Webb Woundup. Today you will meet the George Allen B-Team. Several Virginia bloggers have decided to gather their favorite posts on the major subjects covered during the past week in the campaign for Virginia's junior Senator seat.

I also want to point out that neither Allen Team is comprised of paid bloggers. We all do this simply because we believe in George Allen and his quest to maintain his seat in the Senate.

I am pleased to have been asked by Chris at STD to compile the inaugural week's submissions to the Weakly Webb Woundup.
Since the B-Team was the brainchild of our lovely Flora who dominates the scene at United Conservatives of Virginia, I'll lead off with a video she just completed sometime in the wee hours of this morning. Instead of embedding it here, I'll just link to the YouTube site until Flora gets it posted on her site. Click on the screen capture below to see what an incredible job she's done watch the video here.

You guys know Chris, the T-shirt purveyor who does Spank That Donkey, right? Chris is very fond of the 2nd amendment (aren't we all?) and would like to point out a few differences between the candidates.
Let's begin with Chris questioning Jim Webb's commitment to the 2nd amendment. Here he wonders if Webb will work to reinstate the Clinton era "assault weapons" ban.

He also tells us that even though Webb currently holds a CWP (concealed carry permit). Will Jim Webb support Allen's new bill to allow reciprocity between states on concealed carry permits

And finally, a couple of posts about the very important NRA endorsement. It's sure to go to Allen, but does Webb even want it?

Nickfinity, who can be found mostly at The Jefferson Mammoth, also has some concerns with jim Webb's commitment to the 2nd amendment. Check out his thoughts here, or here.
I'm going to break somewhat from the traditional carnival protocol and link to one of my own pieces. After a full week of reading about Jim Webb's apparent misogyny, I reached back into my Scots-Irish heritage and composed this little limerick to serve as an intro to my post.

In Virginia there's a writer and Marine
Who told us of a horney woman's dream
But when faced with the facts
He has no clue how to act
He may even make the feminists scream

Kilo has this on the same subject, but he didn't write a limerick to go with it. His blog partner One Wise Girl looks at it this way.

Ward, at the appropriately named The Ward View, looks into some of the fairy tales that seem to spring forth with regularity at Raising Kaine. He also has taken a look at the footwear of choice of both George Allen and Jim Webb.

The photo he links to was supposedly taken during the MTP debate yesterday. Even though it was an "under the table shot" that photo could not confirm a rumor I've heard. Was Jim Webb actually sitting on a couple of pillows to conceal his relative lack of stature while seated beside George Allen?

To end this on a humorous note, let's go back to Flora for this amusing look at Jim Webb's problems with making an endorsement and sticking to it.

Thanks for dropping by the Weakly Webb Woundup for this week. Keep an eye on the B-Team sites to see who will be holding the woundup next week.

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