Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Truly Wonder Where James Webb Stands On These Issues

The truth does not know Lowell Feld. That's understandable though, when you consider to what lengths Lowell will go to avoid the truth. Consider, in the past few weeks Jim Webb's spokesman has tried to put forward the following whoppers.

First, we must not forget the linguistic hoops Lowell has jumped through to turn a three-syllable word, a word that appears in every authoritative dictionary as the two syllable (pronounced muh-kak) genus of a group of monkeys known as macaques, into a racial slur. Only in Wikipedia, a user edited "encyclopedia" not known for accuracy, does the word refer to racial slurs. And then only in reference to George Allen, in entries obviously written just for the occasion. Don't forget, it took three days for Lowell to create the connection to the two-syllable macaque, also pronounced muh-kak, to the three syllable supposed slur. I've never edited a page at Wikipedia, but I suppose it takes a while for an entry to post. About three days, maybe?

More recently Lowell shrilly pronounced Allen to be a liar for claiming involvement with the drafting of the National Innovation Act. Just down the page from this blatant misrepresentation a reader of that blog, one Walker Keith Armistead, lays the truth before Lowell. Mr. Armistead wrote;
It only takes a few minutes to discover that...

(1) Senator Allen did help introduce this legislation. Don't take my word for it. Senator's Ensign and Lieberman note it on their Senate pages, as does Innovation Magazine. "Ensign, along with Senators Joseph Lieberman, Richard Luger and George Allen, introduced the National Innovation Act during a Capitol Hill press conference this afternoon."

"Joining Ensign and Lieberman as original co-sponsors of the bill were Senators ... George Allen (R-VA)"

"Legislation designed to preserve America's leadership role in the fields of innovation and technology was introduced late last year by Senators John Ensign, Joseph Lieberman, Richard Luger and George Allen. It's called the National Innovation Act."

(2) The bill is not "languish[ing] in the Senate Finance Committee". The National Innovation Act is being crafted into a comprehensive bill that is on its way to passage.
The National Innovation Act has since been separated by committee jurisdiction, and is going through permutations in order to perfect the bill. Senator Allen has been deeply involved at every step -- including crafting the American Innovation and Competitiveness component of the new, comprehensive bill -- and is working with Senate Leadership on a Comprehensive Bill - the "American Competitiveness Investment Act" that will incorporate the entire National Innovation Act (Commerce and HELP Provisions) and the PACE Act.

(3) It is George Allen's bill.
Senator Ensign is the chair of the relevant subcommittee, so his name is on the bill. But Senator Allen and his staff helped craft the bill. Both Senator Ensign and the Council on Competitiveness have recognized Senator Allen's part in this bill and approve of him calling it "my bill".
In short, the Webb campaign simply doesn't know what they are talking about. Fortunately, Senator Allen's efforts are supported by people who do know technology.
To date there has been no retraction from Lowell.

Most recently Lowell even goes so far as to accuse George Allen of theft and plagarism. After working for some time on legislation to support additional health benefits for veterans, George Allen and his staff decided to make it a co-sponsored (that would be bi-partisan Lowell, something you are on record as disdaining) amendment with Dick Durbin and staff. As noted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch article by Peter Hardin, Allens ammendment is numbered 4883, while Durbin's is numbered 4884 indicating that Allen's was filed first. Also, their being sequentially numbered would tend to indicate that the two Senators worked rather closely together to craft these amendments. But, then again, Lowell is on record as being opposed to working with Republicans. Therefore it's no surprise to me that he would rather claim theft by Allen than "collusion" by Durbin.

All this leads one to wonder just where James Webb stands on these issues. To date Mr. Webb has said nothing regarding these subjects. Sure, Lowell has that cute little disclaimer at the bottom of each post;
Lowell Feld is Netroots Coordinator for the Jim Webb for US Senate Campaign. The ideas expressed here belong to Lowell Feld alone, and do not necessarily represent those of Jim Webb, his advisors, staff, or supporters.
But James Webb does financially support the website that Lowell owns. Lowell recieves a paycheck from James Webb for writing the above baseless accusations. By those two rather substantial connections one has to assume that James Webb approves of Lowell's reckless disregard for the truth, else he would have removed those connections by now. I also wonder how Mr. Webb feels about the crude, sophomoric and tasteless word play Lowell does with the names of Mr. Allen and Mr. Wadham.

Step forward James Webb. Do you approve and stand behind the statements your employee Lowell Feld is making on your behalf? I also challenge the Roanoke Times, a frequent reader of this blog, to call Mr. Webb on these accusations. How about it Dan?

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