Friday, September 22, 2006

Lowell Is Stuck On A Dark Ride

Lowell Feld is imploding. After a whole summer of his lies and spin going relatively unchallenged, this past week has paid its toll on him. He has seen his candidate refer to questions about him as "absurd". Lowell, I've never been referred to as "absurd", could you tell us how it feels to know that the candidate you have so passionately supported is now obviously embarrassed when he is linked to you? But I'm sure Tim Kaine is proud to have lent his name to your site, right? What? You mean he's not?

Lowell has been reduced to posting his wet dreams as "news". Current visitors to that site that I refuse to provide a link to are greeted with the "news" that Dick Wadhams (note to Lowell, et al, there are no parentheses in his name) has been or will be demoted. Lowell claims "sources" that have said that Chris LaCavita told them "off the record" of this development.

Let's ignore the fact for the moment that I'm quite sure my sources are more reliable than anything Lowell posts. Hell, I ain't even sure I believe the time stamps on the posts over there, much less anything contained in the posts. The premise that LaCavita would tell anyone that "off the record" and expect it to go unreported is completely unbelievable. Besides, I have been assured that there is no truth whatsoever in Lowell's latest wet dream. Instead, Lowell's nightmare continues while he is stuck in Jim Webb's dark ride.

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