Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Allen ad and Allen supporter's website

One of the latest ads from the Allen campaign is featured below. Consisting of three United States Naval Academy (USNA) graduates discussing the disrespectful, misogynistic attitudes of James Webb and his effect on their military careers.
Mara Matthes, USNA Class of '82, stated that "Mr. Webb's accusations were a roar and his apology was a whisper."

Kathleen Murray, USNA Class of '84, expressed that "Mr. Webb's recent statements concerning his support of women in the military ring hollow in light of his long history of negative writings concerning women in the armed forces and can only be attributed to his political aspirations. I want to make clear to the voters of Virginia that James Webb is no advocate for women."

Carolyn Slowikowski, USNA Class of '82, stated that "James Webb intentionally used character assassination tactics against the women of the Naval Academy to promote his position that our presence was destroying the Academy and harming the men who trained there. His purposeful slander made us carry the extra burden of defending our honor with the additional requirement that we prove the legitimacy of our presence at the Academy."

For contrast, Webb campaign spokeswoman Kristian Denny Todd said, "...These women need to re-examine their priorities."

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