Monday, October 17, 2005

Betraying The Well-Being Of Abel...

I picked up a copy of The Roanoke Times yesterday on my way to Rocky Mt for church. After church I took a nice leisurely ride through the Franklin County countryside around Philpot Lake and into the northwest area of Henry County. I then went by my sister's for our usual Sunday afternoon chat before coming home to do my domestic chores (a batchelor's work is never done) in order to get ready for the new work week.

I tell you this minutiae in order to work up to this point. I never read that copy of the Times. It sat on the passenger seat of my truck until this evening when I brought it inside. I just read Tommy Denton's Sunday morning column.

Well, actually I didn't read all of his article. I got sidetracked by his first paragraph. It gave me quite an insight to the thinking of Tommy Denton. Of course the Times Editorial Staff is sympathetic with Tim Kaine's position on the death penalty. To Tommy Denton, cold blooded murder is no big deal. Just a "thang" that sometimes happens to people, probably just a luck of the draw.
Ever since Cain asked, "Am I my brother's keeper?" when he tried to dodge the heat for betraying the well-being of Abel, the world has tended to be just as evasive before the silent but implied "yes."
Read that again.
He actually said;
...betraying the well-being of Abel...
Well, now, isn't that special... Cain "Betray[ed] the well-being of Abel". Cain was just sooo insensitive.

Tommy, Cain did not "betray the well-being of Abel".

Face it, Tommy. The exact words were "Cain slew Abel". Cain murdered Abel. Cain took a hoe and beat his brother's brains out. Beat him until his entire head was mere mush. Beat him until "the ground bore witness to his brother's blood". Or maybe it wasn't a hoe, it may have been a shovel, or a large stick of wood, I don't really know. I do know, however, that he most certainly did more than "betray the well-being of Abel".

If you, Tommy, as an aquaintance or co-worker of mine asked me to pick up a box of Thera Flu for you while out on another errand and I forgot to do so, that could accurately be described as betraying the well-being of Tommy. Beating you until your last gasping breath escaped your body is just a bit more severe.

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