Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Eric Ferguson

Recently Eric Ferguson, candidate for the 9th District consented to an "interview" with Not Larry Sabato. (Who turns out to be Ben Tribbett, [and cronies] by the way.)

I'm not a resident of the 9th, but I am a member of of a church located in that district.

Mr. Ferguson comes across as very impressive in this exchange. Most of the questions were tough, and timely, and Eric gave very good insightful answers to them all. He even answered correctly, in my oppinion, on the Pete Rose question.

I am a Republican and would not like to see a senior Republican seat lost, so I will not endorse Eric. But if any of my fellow church members choose to vote for him, I will understand why. Should Mr. Ferguson prevail, it seems the people of the 9th would be well represented. The previous Democrat to sit in that seat in Richmond represented them very well, I would hope that Ferguson would too, should he be so fortunate.

As a side note, the only problem I have with Ferguson is his association with Mudcat Saunders. I do not know Mr. Saunders. I have read numerous accounts of this "colorful character", and have no major problems with his political beliefs. I do, however have a problem with his apparently constant barrage of foul language. I work daily with millwrights, ironworkers, welders, and electricians. If the accounts I have seen are correct, Mr. Saunders language would offend even these guys.

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