Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Apologies To My Readers Using Internet Explorer

I use Firefox, both here at home and at work.

This blog originally started as a standard blogger template, which I have modified slightly. I checked it periodically in Netscape and Opera as i made changes to verify that I was not making any changes that would adversely affect the look of the page.

I just opened it in Internet Explorer and it looks awful. No, It looks worse than awful. I will look back over the template code and see where it may be wrong, but I am not an html expert. In the meantime, I would wholeheartedly reccomend switching to one of the three other browsers (all free downloads). You will also be upgrading to a much more spyware resistant browser as well as being able to see this page as it was intended.

Find them here:

Also, if any of you do know html, please look at this pages source and send me an e-mail if you can offer suggestions about how to fix it.

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