Monday, October 31, 2005

Knees Are Jerking In Roanoke

Today at 201 Campbell Ave. in Roanoke, six pairs of knees jerked in unison.

Soon an editorial will blast Bush for not attempting to "find common ground" with the liberal Democrats in the Senate. There will be cries of despair that a presumed "litmus test" regarding Roe v. Wade has been applied. Never mind that in the Times offices another litmus test has been applied, and failed.

Tommy and crew will insist that since Sandra Day O'Connor was a Justice who had a difficult time maintaing a consistent bearing in Constitutional Law, her replacement should be just as inconsistent.

The Roanoke Times will make at least one reference to "white males", and in the same editorial will probably write disparagingly of Justice Thomas and or Janice Rogers Brown.

Tommy, I expect you to editorialize against this nominee, and am not suggesting that you should refrain from doing so. I feel you should express your sentiments regarding Judge Alito.

But I challenge you to write that editorial without resorting to the the knee-jerk reactions predicted above. I'm fairly certain you can't, or won't do it.

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